Welcome to JSMRS
Welcome to Japan Society for Microbial Resources and Systematics (JSMRS): JSMRS was launched in 2015 on the occasion of consolidation of two societies; Japan Society for Microbial Systematics (JSMS) and Japan Society for Culture Collections (JSCC). The new society aims to promote scientific researches and technologies on microbiological resources and their systematics to understand the microbial diversity and contribute to the conservation and sustainable use of the components. It also deals with socio-scientific issues for handling and transferring microbial materials under various kinds of laws and regulations.

Disseminating the activities of the JSMRS to the world is an ongoing project. Currently the following web pages are available in English.

JSMRS Catalogue of cultures
JSMRS Member Collections
Contents of “Microbial Resources and Systematics”
Instruction for the submission to “Microbial Resources and Systematics”
PriMicro Database (for classification, identification and molecular phylogenetic analyses of microbes)

What’s new!
Articles in Microbial Resources and Systematics vol. 39 (2), 2023 are released.

Last update: February 1, 2024