Instruction for Authors:

Microbial Resources and Systematics (“Microb. Resour. Syst.”), the journal of Japan Society for Microbial Resources and Systematics (JSMRS), is published semiannually, in June and December of each year as a rule. The journal carries the papers regarding the preservation, identification and taxonomic classification of microorganisms, and cultured living organisms (e.g., plant, animal and human cells) as well as the related information, and other works with respect to the relevant areas.

Submissions are allowed so far as the corresponding author is a JSMRS member, provided, however, that a foreign national who is not a JSMRS member may submit a paper if a letter of recommendation is given from a JSMRS member. An author who is a foreign national, non-JSMRS member and wishes to submit a paper to Microbial Resources and Systematics, please contact a JSMRS member or the editor in chief.

Microb. Resour. Syst. Guideline for Authors [PDF]